What is Pinyin?
Pinyin is the name of a romanized form of the Chinese written language. The Pinyin writing system was created by the government of the Peoples' Republic of China to aid in the study of Chinese. It is the most common form of romanized Chinese used throughout the world. Pinyin is essentially a phonetic Roman alphabet, used in dictionaries and Chinese language textbooks. In addition, the mastery of the Pinyin system makes Chinese word-processing much easier.

Mastering the Pinyin system and Mandarin pronunciation is the foundation for successful learning of the Chinese language, the most spoken language in the world. Let the Pinyin Master guide you to proficiency in Pinyin and help you develop accurate pronunciation for all of the sounds in Mandarin.

Pinyin Master version 2.0 is Macintosh, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1 compatible. The latest program includes a creative "Help" option which actually demonstrates how to use each section, and a new "Dictionary" feature which not only provides a glossary of common Chinese words and phrases, but allows you to add your own or download additional glossaries from the Internet

New Pinyin Master 2.0 demo now available!

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