As of August, 1998 Pinyin Master version 2.0 is shipping. The program has been completely updated: detailed explanations of Mandarin tones, thousands of sample phrases, and some great new exercises have all been added. All this and version 2.0 is fully compatible with Macintosh and Windows.

Minimum system requirements are as follows:

Macintosh: 68030/25 MHz or higher, 3MB free RAM, System 7.0 or higher, Quicktime 2.0 (included), and a CD-ROM drive

Windows: 80386/25 MHz or higher, 5 MB free RAM, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, Quicktime for Windows 2.0 (included), 8-bit sound card, and a CD-ROM drive

You can order your copy of Pinyin Master 2.0 now!

Soon to be released is CyberChinese, an interactive supplement to Beijing Language Institute's Practical Chinese Reader textbook. This is an extremely comprehensive program which includes vocabulary, supplemental vocabulary, stroke order, video dialog, supplemental reading and listening exercises, a variety of grammar drill and practice exercises, maps, karaoke, poems, and much much more. Several years in the making, this multi-platform (both Mac and PC) program is currently undergoing final user testing at universities in the USA and will be available soon around the world.