General Help

Pinyin Master has two built-in options for obtaining assistance for any given screen. The first is a sophisticated animated feature which actually demonstrates how each section is used. The second is standard text based assistance.

The specific help option can be set by clicking on the "more..." tab in the "Main Menu" screen. The default is the animated help feature.

An online User Guide is available and is also accessible on the Pinyin Master 2.0 CD.

Platform specific help can be accessed below. ( Last updated: Jan 23, 2004).

Other Installing

Macintosh OSX
An updated vesion of the OMO Player engine is available for Macintosh. This a "Classic" application, but is compatible with OSX. Please download OMO Player and replace the existing "OMO Player" folder on your hard drive with this updated version.

The program is not compatible with MacOS 10.4.

Windows 2000/XP
An updated version of Pinyin Master is available for Windows. Please download Pinyin Master 2.01 and run this installation program.

Windows '95
Other Issues

Additional glossaries for use in the Phrase Dictionary section of Pinyin Master are available on the Pinyin Master Glossary page.

If you have additional questions please contact Liwin, Inc. (

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