Pinyin Master Help - Windows

Windows '95 Install

Please follow these three steps to get started using Pinyin Master 2.0 with the Windows '95 operating system.

Double-click on the "My Computer" icon to access the CD drive.

Then double-click on the CD drive icon to display the "Setup" program icon.

Launch the "Setup" program in the "PYM_CD" window.

Follow the instructions in the "Setup" program.

The program will begin to determine the necessary files to install onto your hard drive.

Click on the "next" button in each screen to go on the the next phase.

The "Setup" program will then begin to install the Pinyin Master2.0 program and other necessary files.

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Installing QuickTime

Pinyin Master 2.0 requires the QuickTime software in order to run as intended. The QuickTime setup program can be found on the Pinyin Master CD.

It is recommended to install the version of QuickTime which comes with the Pinyin MasterCD. Pinyin Master2.0 may not be compatible with other versions of QuickTime.

To install QuickTime first open the "Qtw" directory from the "PYM_CD" in your CD drive.

Then double-click on the Setup icon in the "Qtw" directory and follow the instructions.

After installing QuickTime you will be able to explore all of the many unique features of the Pinyin Master2.0 interactive CD.

If the "Movie Object Initialization" window appears when launching Pinyin Master2.0 then the QuickTime software has not been installed properly or the version of QuickTime installed is not compatible with Pinyin Master.

Please follow the steps outlined in "STEP 2" above to install QuickTime from the Pinyin Master2.0 CD.

Newer versions of QuickTime may be installed only after installing the version which is on the Pinyin Master2.0 CD.

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After the "Setup" program is complete a new window will appear on the desktop. The files in this window can be accessed through the "Program Files" in the "Start" menu.

Click on the "Pinyin Master 2.0" shortcut in the new window.

Although some files have been installed on a local hard drive Pinyin Master 2.0 must have access to the "PYM_CD" in the CD-ROM drive for the program to function correctly.

The first time Pinyin Master2.0 is launched it will be necessary to associate this file with the appropriate program installed during the "Setup" process.

To do this click on the "Other..." button in the following dialog box.

The dialog box will automatically pop up the first time the Pinyin Master 2.0 shortcut icon is selected.

Afterwards the following dialog box will be presented. Select the program "C:\Program Files\PYMaster\OMOplay" to associate with the Pinyin Master2.0 file.

After selecting the program "Omoplay" click "OK" at the bottom of the next dialog box to continue.

If the box "Always use this program to open this file" is checked it will not be necessary to go through the process of associating Pinyin Master2.0 to the "OMOPlayer" application in the future. Pinyin Master2.0 can be accessed directly through its shortcut in the "Start" menu.

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