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Sound Recognition - Pinyin Scramble Display Problem

A problem in the "Pinyin Scramble" section of the Sound Recognition exercises causes portions of the exercise to be displayed incorrectly.

To display this exercise properly set monitor color quality to "Medium (16 bit)".

  • Right-click on your desktop. Select "Properties" form the popup menu.
  • In the "Display Properties" window select "Settings". Select "Medium (16 bit)" from the "Color quality" popup menu.

Using Pinyin Master with TwinBridge

In order to view Chinese text in the "Phrase Dictionary" section of Pinyin Master 2.0 it is necessary to either use a Chinese operating system, or use one of the popular Chinese text utilities such as TwinBridge.

To avoid conflicts using the PinyinSans font while using TwinBridge please make the following adjustment in the TwinBridge default configuration:

  • Select "System Configuration" from the Chinese Partner floating menu.
  • In the "TwinBridge Chinese Partner Configuration" window click on the "Chinese Font Setting" tab.
  • Then make sure that the "Mapping All English Fonts to Chinese" option is deselected.
  • Click "OK" to update the TwinBridge settings.

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Scrolling Issues on Newer PCs

Users of Pinyin Master 2.0 in Widows '95 who have newer PCs with higher processor speeds may experience difficulty while scrolling in the Phrase Dictionary section.

To overcome this difficulty in the "Categories" list do the following:
  • Select a new item from the list of categories provided.
  • Before hilighting an item in the "Entries" list use the up or down arrows to scroll through the list of categories.
Scrolling through a list of individual entries can be done in a similar manner.
  • Hilite an item then use the up or down arrows to scroll through the list of entries in any given category.

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Launching Problems

Some Windows '95 users may have difficulty when trying to open Pinyin Master for the first time. Instead of launching Pinyin Master another application such as e-mail client, MS word or other program is opened.

This problem is due to a conflict in the Windows program registry and can be solved by editing the registry as explained below.

  • From within the "Pinyin Master" window or other window select View -> Options.

  • Scroll through the list of applications until locating the STA extension. Possible applications are "email client" or "MS Word".

  • With that application hilited click the "Edit" button.

  • In the "Edit File Type" dialog click the "Edit" button.

  • Then type "C:\Program Files\PYMaster\OMOPlay.exe" (with quotes) or use the browse feature to locate the application "OMOPlay.exe" on your hard drive.

    The action specified should be open.

  • When you are finished click "OK".

  • Then click the "OK" button in the "Edit File Type" dialog.

With the registry properly set you can now launch the Pinyin Master program.

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