Student Specials

Liwin is introducing a new version of CyberChinese, which delivers the same quality learning environment, but now with the ease and portability of the Internet. Enjoy this new language tool and open the doors to a beautiful language, rich in history and culture. Try the demo at

Chinese Instructors

The new Liwin's CyberChinese Online site has additional tools for instructors. Not only can instructors access all the features of Liwin's CyberChinese Online, but can also monitor student progress through the course. This feature is indispensable for instructors who require a specific number of hours of lab work to satisfy university credit requirements, and is also valuable for teachers to target areas which require additional attention.

If you are using Practical Chinese Reader in your classroom, or if you are just interested in finding better methods to improve your students' learning Liwin's CyberChinese Online can be one of your most valuable teaching tools.

Updated January, 2008