Mandarin Pronunciation Guide

Pinyin with Zhuyin (bopomofo) Equivalents

Click on any of the Zhuyin symbols below to see how the symbol is written and hear the correct Mandarin pronunciation.

It may take a couple of minutes to download the complete table.

Pinyin bo po mo fo
Zhuyin bo po mo fo
Pinyin de te ne le
Zhuyin de te ne le
Pinyin ge ke he
Zhuyin ge ke he
Pinyin ji qi xi
Zhuyin ji qi xi
Pinyin zhi chi shi ri
Zhuyin zhi chi shi ri
Pinyin zi ci si
Zhuyin zi ci si
Pinyin ya o e ye
Zhuyin ya o e ye
Pinyin ai ei ao ou
Zhuyin ai ei ao ou
Pinyin an en ang eng
Zhuyin an en ang eng
Pinyin er
Zhuyin er
Pinyin yi wu yu
Zhuyin yi wu yu

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